vrijdag 30 oktober 2009

Fig Jam

A few weeks ago I was in the Netherlands. It was september and the weather was beautiful! The kind of weather that gives you energy: lots of sunshine and nice crispy sky. Cool air in the morning, windows open all day, maybe a light sweater later in the afternoon.
Well, I woke up one of those days in my own bed, because the birds were in a meeting in the tree right in front of my bedroom window. They were planning their trek south. As I had just flown IN and wasn't going anywhere that day, I enjoyed the light peeping in the room, the twittering of the birds and then it hit me: I had to make JAM. Actually, I had to make jam RIGHT NOW!

So I got up and went to the greengrocer who had beautiful figs (and at a fair price).
Went to the supermarket to buy ' geleisuiker', a special kind of sugar for jammaking - I bought the half-sweet version - which allows for quick jam-making, only 4 mins of boiling needed. Happy with my catches I went home and made my fig jam. Flavoured/perfumed with my secret ingredient:black-tea-and-roses.(from the Peninsula Hotel in Hongkong. So it was a real Mickey-jam: Dutch*figs with HongKong tea...) (and I was out of earl grey tea, which I used last year).
It was SO good I made two more batches in the next days...

No recipe due this special kind of sugar (500 grams of it for 1 t0 1,25 kg of fruit - 1 cup of very strong rose tea and the juice of half a lemon added) and that might vary if you use regular sugar.

* Dutch figs...ofcourse not :-)(as she notices the next morning). They were Turkish, actually. So let's say this jam is international? Or at least part Dutch, because of the sugar?!?

vrijdag 23 oktober 2009

A blog in the making...

...soon Swan's place will be opened!