maandag 18 januari 2010

good beginnings

We like to start the day with a cool and healthy smoothie. Basic ingredients: orange juice (from a carton, but pure juice, NO sugar!), a little yoghurt, and whatever fruits I have laying around the house or in the freezer.
Recent succes: banana-peach-kiwi.
An oldtime favourite: banana-red summerberries.

I always keep sliced banana in the freezer (sliced - so you can use as much or little as wanted! It adds a nice thickness and natural sweetness to the smoothie, and usually +/- half a banana will do for the two of us)- and red summerfruits, both mixed as well as raspberries and blueberries on their own. Easy for the morning smoothies, and for baking!
I love the way you can pick your own favourites and mix it into healthy goodness. Something entirely different, and much more luxurious than just eating your fruits...

Well, you know, we do need something to balance out this...

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  1. You're worried about that mini bottle of beer and that thin-crusted pizza with a few sprigs on top? Nothing!

    The fruit smoothies look great, though.


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