zondag 21 maart 2010

local specialty

It's been a while. There was lots of flying and organizing and ' things' involved. I was back in HK, ofcourse. And a long weekend in the 'Hawaii of China', Hainan.
And now...Oh YES, I AM IN JAPAN!!!! Have been looking forward to this little trip a lot. It's Sakura-time. (cherryblossom).
Not just in the country - also at Starbucks!
I found these lovely looking 'steamed Sakura-cakes' - had to try one ofcourse!!

They were soft and sweet and tasted a little like...flowers..!

HERE I will post pictures and stories of my trip...

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  1. Oh they look good! I have been gazing in fascination at the cupcakes in the new shop that has opened on rue Lepic. It seems to be a real trend right now.

    BTW.... do you want to go halves in a bag of crushed caramel au beurre sale??


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