dinsdag 29 maart 2011

my big sis is here!

And boy, did we start talking...

Fun weeks to come with her here for three weeks all together, in which we'll visit Singapore, explore HongKong, and our brother, and-sister in law will join us in HongKong the last ten days as well.

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  1. Hi Swan--
    I peeked over at your *real* blog :) and saw your high school friend (with the great red hair!) had come to visit-- now your sister. It's nice to see people traveling the world.
    Enjoy the visit!

  2. Thanks Rosemary - yes, isn't that hair gorgeous!! I hadn't seen her in twenty years, and now she lives in Singapore. I was in Singapore twice in the past month (once with hubby, once with sis) so met my friend twice. And we won't stop there :-)

    I'm loving all the travelling.


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