dinsdag 5 juli 2011

Last week in Brisbane

And there we were, in Brisbane.

It was deliciously cool and fresh and airy and there were koala's, kangaroos, birds and snakes at the Zoo we visited on sunday - a pleasure to be outside and wander around, enjoying the sun and the sights.

And then it was Monday. Lunch-with-Barbara-Monday!
She and her husband Bryan picked me up in my hotel and took me to the Southbank of the city, where culture and good food can be found.

We sat down at this lovely place, which served a tapas-style lunch.

It was so wonderful to sit down together, enjoy a shandy, some light starters, a nice maincourse, but mostly, just chat away.
About food, ofcourse. About travelling. About living in Brisbane, and living in HongKong. About plans. About her health (Barbara is batteling cancer), about children, in short - about life!

And again it struck me how nice and easy it is to talk to people you have something in common with. The love for food, in this case. And how that makes that two women, with very different backgrounds, histories and stories, end up chatting the afternoon away as if we're doing this every month.

We even forgot to take pictures of us together. Yes, we got the restaurant, the food. But not ourselves!
Good thing we found out that by coincidence we had restaurant reservations for the same place, the next day!...so we were able to get our snapshots together. (As it was quite dark in there they are not the sharpest ever, but...ah wel, you get the picture :-) )

Thank you Barbara and Bryan for a lovely, lovely afternoon together!

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  1. Mickey it was wonderful to meet you and Jaap. I hope you will return to Brisbane again soon. I love this post and the photos.

  2. I am so glad you managed to meet up (twice!).

    It is not just the shared interests in food, how can anyone not love you when they meet you.

    Still trying to organise a stop over in january.... it has been far too long!

    gros bisous

  3. Gorgeous photo of you two gorgeous women!


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