dinsdag 5 januari 2010

KK reunion: Veronica in HK

Two years ago I made one of the most incredible trips one can ever make: nearly 6 weeks on an icebreaker (kapitan Khlebnikov) sailing the Far Side of Antarctica.
Friendships formed and all over the world people who were on the ship then are still meeting eachother now. Last September I met John (from the UK) in Amsterdam and Evelyn (from Schotland) in Edinburgh.
And now Italian beauty Veronica is in HongKong with her friend Christi to visit me and the HK-KK girls Henrietta, YY and Po Lin!
Memories, gossip, new travelling plans and great meals are shared...

@ Aqua

on the Peak with YY

Dimsum @ CityHall

With Henrietta!

KK girls @ Hutong

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  1. Hope you had as good a time as it looks in the photos.

    The dimsum looks delish!!!!

    A parcel will be in the mail end of week....

  2. I remember when you were posting about the Antarctic trip @ C&Z. (I'm 'gingerpale' there.) And now you're all in Hong Kong -- must have taken some coordinating.. the lives somes people lead!

  3. Debbie, you're a doll, looking forward to surprises to come! We did have a good time, poor Christi, Veronica's friend - she really thought a couple of times she was out with a couple of madwomen!All this ice-talking...(especially when we saw Antarctic pics in a shopwindow and started discussing what kind of penguin (that was easy) and what kind of seal (a little harder) where on those photo's....
    That dimsum place is great - had to go on a rerun this week just to make sure :-)

    Rosemary - gingerpale- Hi!!It is good to see you here!
    Actually it was not too hard to plan, this time - as the three chinese girls live in HongKong, as I do now, so only Veronica flew in as a stopover after 10 days in Vietnam.
    We are a travelling lot, though. It's kind-a hard even for us HK based girls to get together, there's always someone on a plane!


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